Warmer Technology Comparison

Help to get the word out that Speed (fast) warmers are not the best way to go if interested in Preserving Nutrients and Enzymes in Breastmilk and Formula. There are 2 main types of Bottle Warmers on the market today. Here’s a brief description of each.

Speed Warmers-  Older Technology marketed by claims of warming bottles fast in 3-5 minutes, which attracts new parents that don’t know better.  Most of these warmers do a good job, if one only considered the aspect of warming bottles. But when you look at the possibility of nutrient harm and loss, then these types of warmers show their faults.

  • ​To warm bottles fast, these warmers must get water or steam to really high temperatures.  In return this gets the Breastmilk or Formula really hot as well.   This rapid change of state from cold or room temperature to hot is never good as it shocks the milk. To combat this most of these warmers will automatically shut-off around the 3-5 minute mark, but if the baby is not ready to eat right away then the milk gets cold causing reheating to be needed.  This frustrates parents and also can kill vital nutrients and enzymes(nature’s germ and bacteria fighter).  Without the present of enzymes in the milk bacteria can grow. 
  • Others warmers in this category will continue to heat and not auto shut off, causing the milk to come to a boil, this boiling effect will also kill vital nutrients and enzymes.  Parents must remember to shut off warmer, but with the hectic environment of a new baby, shutting off the warmer is often forgotten and frustration builds.
  • Another issue with these types of warmer is that they often have hidden water reservoirs that cannot be accessed and are hard to clean. This can lead to mold build up over time, which of course is not good for babies.

Maxx Elite’s Approach:

Gentle Warming-  New Technology aimed at preserving nutrients and enzymes in Brestmilk and Formula.  These warmers do a great job, but take a little more time, which is a benefit, but to the unknown user could be viewed as a fault. 

  • The main aim of Gentle warming is to calmly change the state of milk to not disturb, shock or kill vital nutrients or enzymes.  This exciting new technology has been verified by independent studies to be superior to speed warming approach.
  • Studies have shown that reheating of milk is really bad by putting additional stress on nutrients.  To further protect nutrients and enzymes, we developed a 2nd technology, called “Steady Warm”.  “Steady Warm” automatically kicks in once milk has reached your desired temperature and calmly keeps milk warm without fluctuations in temperatures. The combination of Gentle warming and Steady warm never shocks milk and never allows milk reach very high temperatures, which help eliminates loss of nutrients and enzymes.  With this information in mind one can see how Gentle warming is truly an awesome benefit to parents and their newborns.
  • Our water chamber is open with no hidden reservoirs, making it very easy to clean, just wipe with a clean soft cloth.  We recommend using filtered or distilled water inside to eliminate the possibility of calcium deposits on the heating plate.

Timing Chart:  Approx 10-12 mins.

 From 0 - 1:30 minutesTemp reaches 35°C on LCD display
 From 1:30 - 6:30 minutes     *(Important Note) Temp Holds at 35°C on display for about 5 mins to allow milk temp to equal water temp.
 From 6:30 to approx 10    minutes
     Breastmilk and Formula Gently warms from 35°C to 40°C/104°F
 After 10 minutes
     “Steady Warm” will keep milk at desired Temp. and will not shut off or overheat.

Note:  In “Steady Warm” mode Breastmilk and Formula can last up to 4 hours and still be ok to drink because Gentle warming calmly changed the state of the milk and “Steady Warm” calmly maintains the warm state, not killing off nutrients and keeping enzymes alive to fight off bacteria growth.

Note:  Tall bottles can be warmed with the top of bottle (nipple) removed and covered using the insulated warmer lid.

Note:  When warming formula, one can place a bottle with water only inside the warmer and press “Gentle Warm” then add formula to warm water right before you feed or formula can be added right when placing in warmer.  Either way will be fine.

Note:  Moms often take one bottle out, feed and after feeding go ahead and prepare another bottle, place in warmer on “Gentle Warm” mode to always have a warm bottle ready whenever baby is ready to eat.

Note:  We understand there are times when a baby has to eat right now and fast warming is needed and to this end, we offer our Express option that will warm a bottle in 3-5 minutes as other warmers calm, but understand this is not our focus, but given as an option and also for warming food.

Note: Another important option we offer is Sterilization mode, which is not offer on most other warmers.  Kill germs and bacteria in bottles, nipples and other small nursery items. 

Thanks for taking time to read this page and feel free to ask us any questions you may have as we value your partnership to help spread the word that Gentle Warming is Best.


Maxx Elite